Re: XForms: quirks in fselector

From: T.C. Zhao (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 09:22:21 EST

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    --- Dirk Evers <dirk@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> wrote:
    > Hi,

    > Tested against xforms lib version 0.88.1 and 0.89.2 using
    > Solaris 2.5.1
    > 1. A leak return error is generated the only first time the fselector
    > is called.
    > Memory leaked by ignoring return value.
    > Lost block : 0x000465e0 thru 0x00046a07 (1064 bytes)
    > block allocated at:
    > opendir()
    > tc_scandir()
    It looks like opendir() on Solaris may have a potential leak.

    > 2. non-NULL second parameter in call to gettimeofday()
    > The man page to gettimeofday() says:
    > The second argument to gettimeofday() and settimeofday()
    > should be a pointer to NULL.

    I'll check the man page on Solaris. On linux, the 2nd parameter
    is the time zone info. gettimeofday() gets the zone info
    and settimeofday() sets it. It did say it's BSDish and SVr4,
    maybe POSIX is different.
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