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Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 12:52:05 EST

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    > > entering/leaving a canvas. What I do not understand is why it
    > > takes the canvas program so long to react the first time I
    > > enter/leave the object the handler is added to.
    > Dunno. It works as expected for me -- turning on Enter/Leave
    > notification and moving the cursor into the Canvas produces immediate
    > results.
    > On what system are you running? X Version? XForms version?

    I'm running redhat 5.2 and 6.1 using xforms 88-glibc on a P200 and K6 350.
    The X-versions are the standard SVGA server on the P200 and a special on for
    riva card (vodoo 550) in the K6 machine. The same happens at work on a P90
    with a standard svga card.

    I have the events printed in a browser (like in the canvas demo program) to
    what is going on and first 31 expose events are printed before the
    first enter / leave event is printed i.e. reaction to the enter leave is
    noticable (I change the
    color of an object on enter and revert to its original on leaving the
    It takes exactly the time until the last is printed before the canvasses
    react the first
    time. If I switch to another desktop and switch back again this is


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