Re: XForms: canvas demo

From: Thomas Vosegaard (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 12:15:10 EST

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    Steve Lamont,

    > It looks to me as if there is a built-in delay in the internal event
    > handling routine -- meant to handle the idle callback delta.
    > The workaround is to turn this off by calling
    > fl_set_idle_delta( 0 );
    > anywhere after the fl_initialize() and before you drop into
    > fl_do_forms().
    > This delta should probably be zero by default. TC?

    Some days ago you proposed the above workaround for slow initialization of
    canvases. I have also found that this speeds up the process of drawing the
    canvas the first time.

    However, there is a drawback. I realized that the counter class uses this idle
    delta to determine the repetition speed when you press one of the arrows. That
    is, with idle delta=0 the counter reacts many times on one mouse-press (several
    hundreds), and consequently the workaround may not be a good idea.

    Is there another workaround or a workaround for this workaround?

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