XForms: widgets

From: James D. Stegeman (stegeman@grc.nasa.gov)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 09:43:32 EDT

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     We are currently using xforms to develop an interactive, real-time
     display system for use in our testing
     facilities and have run into a slight problem: The y-axis text on the
     standard xy-plot widget cannot be rotated 90deg as required by our

     I have two questions regarding this: Can this be done in xforms?
     I have found a free widget on the net (SciPlot) that rotates the text
     but I cannot get it added to xforms as a
     free object. I tried following the example in the documentation but I
     keep crashing the program on the
     following call:

     plotWidget = XtVaCreateManagedWidget("plot",
     sciplotWidgetClass, parent,
     XtNheight, 250,
     XtNwidth, 250,
     XtNplotTitle, "Demo of Plot Widget",
     XtNxLabel, "X Axis (units)",
     XtNyLabel, "Y Axis (units)",
     XtNchartType, XtPOLAR,
     XtNdegrees, True,

     I've used fl_winget to obtain the parent window and fill in the parent
     parameter above. I'm not that
     familiar with X and Xt programming, so hopefully, if text rotation
     be done in xforms the second
     widget can be used and I've missed something simple.


     Jim Stegeman

     PS- the URL for anyone interested, SciPlot is at:


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