Re: XForms: v0.89.6

From: T.C. Zhao (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 19:32:37 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from "T.C. Zhao" <> :

    --- Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <> wrote:
    > # To subscribers of the xforms list from Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
    > <> :
    > >>>>> "TC" == T C Zhao <> writes:
    > TC> Updated xforms to v0.89.5 and v0.89.6 for
    > TC> the following platforms:
    > Is this considered as a version people are encouraged to use? (for
    > LyX, in fact).

    Yes. I will keep binary compatibilities in mind in making
    any fixes toward v0.90. What this means is that in your configure
    step, all versions between 0.89.5 and v0.90 (inclusive) should
    be considered good. Of course, if any serious deficiency was found
    before v0.90, we'll have to deal with it differently.
    > What do you mean about "v0.89.5 and v0.89.6"? Are the versions of the
    > builds different?
    Well, v0.89.6 fixed a file descriptor leak in image support
    under some weird conditions that my first run of purify
    did not find. I did not bother to update the platforms
    already in the distribution as v0.90 is coming soon.
    > About plugging leaks: there is an UMR warning when using a Yes/No
    > goodie. Is it fixed? This would be nice, since it makes it easier for
    > us to spot _real_ problems...

    Did not see any UMR or any kind of warning/leaks
    with xforms with purify under Solaris.

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