XForms: multiple GL windows and GL canvas

From: Nicolas Castagne (Nicolas.Castagne@imag.fr)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 04:22:26 EDT

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            In quite a big program, I need to use gl wingows
    (using fl_glwinopen) and gl canvas (created using fl_add_glcanvas).

            In order to choose the canvas I want to draw in, I use
    fl_activate_glcanvas... But I have not found the right way to draw in

            Is there such a routine that allow me to select a
    gl_window to draw in ?

            Thanks !

    Nicolas Castagne
    ACROE (Association pour la creation et la recherche sur les outils
    INPG, Grenoble.

    tel : 04 76 57 43 39

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