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Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 13:58:42 EDT

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    Subject: XForms: fselector question

    I don't think I'm getting your gist...

    >1/ Simple question using the File selector (fselector) 'goodie'

    >The demo and manual show how one can select a file (read)
    >and indeed this works very well.

    >However, I have an application where I want to save a file,
    >with the name given in the text window.

    Do you mean a file which does not yet exist, which you want to create?

    >The only way I have managed to get anything like this is to create a
    >special 'save' button, but I have to specify a fixed file-name, as
    t>here seems no way to 'hook-out' the text from the fselector filename
    >box from the fselector data structure.

    > Any help would be appreciated.

    Sounds heavy handed.

    All I do is get the string form the fselector and do an fopen on it for writing
    (after checking to see if it is != NULL)

    Am I missing something?

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