XForms: assistance and support for sparc glibc 2.1

From: Peter Firmstone (q8902929@topaz.cqu.edu.au)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 07:03:31 EDT

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    Just recently ran into problems with the sparc xforms binary, when I
    compiled lyx I couldn't run netscape or amaya at the same time without a
    segfault. I am trying to assist the debian package maintainer by
    creating a debian package of lyx for sparc, but need a glibc 2.1 version
    of xforms.

    I am willing to assist in creating this binary, I noticed in your
    mailing list archives you requested help or access to less popular

    I can help by compiling the binary from source code, I am prepared to
    sign any non disclosure agreements.

    Best Regards,

    Peter Firmstone.
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