RE: XForms: XY Plot weirdness

Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 11:34:25 EDT

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    > # To subscribers of the xforms list from Steve Lamont <>
    > :
    > > ...
    > One
    > > form plots the data perfectly real-time. The other form plots the data
    > > perfectly as well but has this trailing straight line that starts at the
    > > begin point and follows the end point precisely while the data is
    > plotting
    > > real-time. I can't seem to find anything in the documentation that
    > explains
    > > this behavior. Can anyone help?
    > Are you sure it's not an off by one error of some kind?
            I dont think the off by one error is an issue. My program just
    grabs the data out of a shared memory block and displays the data on the
    xyplot object.

            Here is how I set the plot up in one module:

              fdui->FIRST_PLOT = obj =
    fl_add_xyplot(FL_NORMAL_XYPLOT,1,40,1261,432,"Plot #1");
                fl_set_xyplot_xtics(obj, 5, 1);
                fl_set_xyplot_ytics(obj, 5, 1);
                fl_set_xyplot_xgrid(obj, FL_GRID_MAJOR);
                fl_set_xyplot_ygrid(obj, FL_GRID_MAJOR);

            And here is how I update it in the callback procedure:


            The second plot is set up simularly to the first plot with some
    minor changes.

            Here is a snapshot of what I am seeing:

            I use the fl_set_xyplot_data function to initialize the plot and
    then I use the fl_insert_xyplot_data to update the plot as fast as the
    machine can do the callback.

            Here is the system info:

            OS: True64 UNIX Version 4.0f
            Xforms (as reported by -flversion):
            FORMS Library Beta 0.89 of 1999/07/17 03:17:52 (Compiled Oct 2 1999)
            Copyright (c) 1996-1999 by T.C. Zhao and Mark Overmars

            Thanks for your help!


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