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From: Matthias Rarey (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 03:05:49 EST

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    Hi Jim,

    I basically asked the same question about two weeks ago. My
    solution was to dynamically create a form representing a single
    row of the spreadsheet and then use a formbrowser containing
    one form per row. This works in principle, the problems I have
    seen are:
    - there is no simple way to connect the column headings to the
      spreadsheet if you have a vertical slider on the formbrowser
    - moving the formbrowser slider downwards causes flickering
      (upwards is ok)
    - I tried it with about a hundred rows. I don't know what happens
      if you scale up.
    Due to limited time I haven't done anything further on this project.
    Steve gave me some answers on this topic, maybe you find something
    in the archive.


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