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From: Ivan Powis (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 11:32:37 EST

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    > Actually, I'm looking for an empty string not if a pointer is null. So,
    > strcmp(string,"") works fine. I'm not sure why NULL works under
    > HPUX. I checked how its defined, and NULL = 0 under both OS's.
    > So maybe either the compiler or the implementation of strcmp under
    > HPUX views NULL as an empty string? Anyhow, as someone else
    > emailed me strcmp(string,"") is really what I meant to do and works
    > fine under both OS's.

    HPUX by default dereferences NULL pointers as you have seen exactly so
    that their use does not generate error traps. Thus your use of a NULL
    pointer to mean "" works fine on HP although it was surely wrong to
    write your particular example this way. This feature is sometimes
    "useful" for the non-rigorous programmer eg with a file selector which
    may return a null string if cancelled. A strcmp or similar can then
    check the returned string without needing to explicitly check for a
    null pointer return. I discovered this when porting some xforms apps
    from HP to Linux.


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