Re: XForms: pushed on FL_RADIO_BUTTON objects

From: T.C. Zhao (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 09:00:40 EST

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    --- Jan Menzel <> wrote:

    > My application consists of two parts: one does periodic processing in
    > background, the other displays the results in the controlling form.
    > Then
    > background stuff is done using timer and SIGALRM. I found, the
    > processing
    > the signals synchronously with XForms using fl_set_signal_callback()
    > is
    > not fast enough.
    signals going thru xforms do take time as xforms signal
    handler can do things a regular signal handler can't.
     There are ways around the speed problem. Basically
    enable direct signal handling and set the xforms
    signal handler that only does GUI update. Then register the signal
    handler with the OS directly. Once the signal
    is raised, do your processing first in the signal
    handler, then
    call fl_signal_caught() to invoke the GUI update.
    This is fast enough to do real audio procossing.

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