XForms: pushed on FL_RADIO_BUTTON objects

From: Jan Menzel (jmenzel@mail.desy.de)
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 11:04:27 EST

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    Hi all,
            according to the manual "[...]pushed indicates whether the mouse
    is pushed within the bounding box of the object[...]" (page 267). For
    FL_RADIO_BUTTON pushed is only set once. For me this is a problem: in my
    application the buttons are update asynchronously using
    fl_idle_callback(). So I have a establish a prehandler for grepping the
    FL_PUSH and FL_RELEASE events for preventing changing the button state
    while the user pushes it.
            I reported a similar problem with browsers: either pushed is not
    set (that how it looks to me) or releases way before calling the browsers
    callback. (at least one fl_idle_callback() does happen before the callback
    is called and pushed is not set).
            Find attached some code demonstrating the problem.

            Regards Jan

     Dipl. Phys. | mailto: jan.menzel@gmx.de
     Jan Menzel | http://www.lighting-solutions.de

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