Re: XForms: undefined reference to `fl_initialize' and

From: Jeremy C. Reed (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 11:44:53 EST

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    On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Steve Lamont wrote:

    > > I was able to work-around my problem by manually extracting the
    > > (which the NetBSD package doesn't use) and creating
    > > symlinks for and
    > Did you use the
    > make install
    > command to install the XForms programs and libraries? It should do
    > the Right Thing but maybe it needs upating -- 0.88 is pretty old and

    No, I didn't use the 'make install'. I used the NetBSD packaged xforms.
    The 0.88 ELF file has problems. It would install correctly.
    But the library was linked against when it was built. This breaks
    other builds that don't have "-lGL".

     /usr/X11R6/lib/ undefined reference to `glXQueryExtension'

    > we really should generate a 0.89 version (or, yeah, yeah, yeah, make
    > it Free Software... TC???).

    I agree. It would be great if we could build the binary package from
    source, so I could build with or without libGL (for example) as an option.

       Jeremy C. Reed

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