XForms: Re: XForms for ARM Linux

From: Reuben Thomas (rrt1001@cam.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 16:18:24 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Reuben Thomas <rrt1001@cam.ac.uk> :

    Timothy's sent me the current sources for 0.89 (thanks!) and I've compiled
    them up on ARM Linux. This has indeed cured my problems in LyX: I thought
    the Debian maintainers of both packages might like to know. LyX 1.1.6fix1 is
    now running happily AFAICS.

    By the way, in the process, I made sure that libforms was linked against
    libjpeg and libXpm dynamically, which shaves quite a lot off its size.

    I have some remaining questions and notes:

    1. I set XForms up to build for Linux. When I started building, I got lots
    of complaints about the symbol "Pixmap"; when I looked at the forms.h that
    had been built, I found no mention of xpm.h. At this point, I was still
    using the supplied xpm distribution, and hadn't fiddled things to use the
    installed xpm lib. A #include <X11/xpm.h> fixed that, but I presume I did
    something wrong.

    2. Next, I got a compile error because FL_RGB2PIXEL_ is defined twice in
    forms.h. Putting #if 0 round the second definition cured this, but again, I
    presume I was doing something wrong.

    3. When I did make install, make looped installing over and over until it
    ran out of memory (because each time it looped it recursed). I'm not sure if
    I did anything wrong here or not.

    4. It's a little annoying that XForms doesn't install in /usr/local by
    default on Linux (except, curiously, for fdesign).

    5. Timothy: what tests should I run and how do I then build a binary dist to
    send you? Thanks very much; I'm looking forward to being able to use LyX on
    my ARM box.

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