XForms: What am I doing wrong? - pixmap

From: Mauricio Vieira (mvieira@araketu.dcc.ufba.br)
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 14:26:22 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Mauricio Vieira <mvieira@araketu.dcc.ufba.br> :

    I know this question is so stupid, but I'm desperate.

    Form Designer made it to me, and when I compile there's no error by ld:
    gcc -O2 -o /tmp/testepixmap.e testepixmap.c -lforms -lm -L/usr/X11R6/lib
    -lX11 -lXpm

    When I try to run, it core dumps. What am i doing wrong?
    I saw the Xpm_faq, but it doesn't help me much cause it refers to
    functions that forms encapsulate for me.

    My code:
    in testepixmap.c:
      FD_FJogo *fdui = (FD_FJogo *) fl_calloc(1, sizeof(*fdui));

    /* fdesign made: */
      fdui->FJogo = fl_bgn_form(FL_NO_BOX, 420, 450);
      obj = fl_add_box(FL_UP_BOX,0,0,420,450,"");
      fdui->ImgTab = obj = fl_add_pixmap(FL_NORMAL_PIXMAP,10,40,400,400,"");

    and it core dumped. I've tried:

     fdui->ImgTab = obj = fl_add_pixmap(FL_NORMAL_PIXMAP,10,40,400,400,"");

    and core dumped again.

    in testepixmap.h:
    /**** Forms and Objects ****/
    typedef struct {
            FL_FORM *FJogo;
            void *vdata;
            char *cdata;
            long ldata;
            FL_OBJECT *ImgTab;
    } FD_FJogo;

    extern FD_FJogo * create_form_FJogo(void);
    #endif /* FD_FJogo_h_ */

    Xpm library is ok:

    and I don't know what to do.

    My tabuleiro.xpm is attached (gziped).

    Regards, thanks and sorries.

       Mauricio Vieira

    :: Administrador dos Recursos Computacionais do IM ::
    :: Estudante de Ciencia da Computacao - UFBA ::
    :: mvieira@araketu.dcc.ufba.br ::
    :: ::


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