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From: James D. Stegeman (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 08:19:23 EST

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    Zaphod Breblebrox,

    Or should I say, Mr. President? :)

    All I can say is that xforms is stable and easy to use. Java changes with the
    wind, or
    at least it used to. I'll admit, Java buys you alot with its environment and
    all of the
    add-ons you can get. But, if you are now installing an application across alot
    machines, you now have to maintain version consistancy on each box. With
    I've found that you can install the library, install your app and you are
    golden. xforms would
    be even better if had a spreadsheet widget and a MS type tree widget. But
    beggars can't
    be too choosy.

    To overcome your cygwin-x-server dillema, we have a Unix box (you could use
    with xforms' library installed and have installed Exceed on the Windows
    machines to
    interact with X. The user simply opens a connection to the host and your app
    appears in
    the window.

    Hope this helps,

    Jim Stegeman

    (aka Arthur Dent)

    zaphodb wrote:

    > # To subscribers of the xforms list from "zaphodb" <> :
    > Hi all,
    > Well, this might sound a bit blasphemous but I have to ask anyway.
    > Why should one choose to use the xforms library as opposed to something like
    > say java.
    > This question arose after I encountered a few java scripts that plotted nice
    > graphics in
    > a pane and there were buttons and data entry possibilities like I know
    > xforms offers.
    > Cons:
    > 0) java is licenced / not free?
    > 1) I vaguely remember something about java not being compiled but
    > interpreted so there
    > might be a speed issue involved. And since the code is not compiled it is
    > always available
    > to the public. But I'm not sure about both of these.
    > 2) There might be many more.
    > Pros:
    > 0) xforms is free
    > 1) Portability should be no problem, but again I'm not familiar with any
    > peculiarities in this respect.
    > No offence intended: I managed to get my vocoder (project I've been working
    > on for a while) running
    > using the cygwin distribution, but woow, to have to emulating a unix on a
    > windows box to be able to
    > use the xforms distribution is a bit over the top I think. Not to mention
    > the problems I encountered
    > when trying to install an x-server. And mind you /dev/dsp is not supported,
    > so I had to come up with
    > a work around to be able to play the output of the vocoder.
    > 2) Any more?
    > Any comments? I mentioned java as an alternative, but I can imagine it
    > having been around for
    > some time to be have been surpased in the mean time by something else, or
    > hasn't it?
    > Greetz,
    > Zaphod B.
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