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Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 09:45:21 EST

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      Zaphod Breblebrox,
      Hi Jim

      Or should I say, Mr. President? :)

      Nah, Zaphod will do.

      To overcome your cygwin-x-server dillema, we have a Unix box (you could use Linux)
      with xforms' library installed and have installed Exceed on the Windows machines to
      interact with X. The user simply opens a connection to the host and your app appears in

      I've been experimenting with VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and that does the trick

      as well (one Linux box running the program and a virtual desktop on my w98 box).

      But a friend of mine didn't have a linux box handy, so I had to make a port for (in my case)

      W98 and if he had I would probably have been able to persuade him to run it on the

      Linux machine (as I do). But there is always the problem of playing audio ....

      which is done by the host and not by the w98 machine... I've been thinking about

      using or adapting one of these netradio systems, but after a while I

      concluded that this will overcomplicate things.

      Jim Stegeman

      My first impression was there was something familiar about you,

      but I couldn't put my finger on it

      (aka Arthur Dent)

      but now I know!



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