XForms: fl_set_input

From: Dave Poirier (eks@void-core.2y.net)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 11:21:59 EDT

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    I'm currently running XForms 0.89 from a tool called BFE, when
    I'm doing fl_set_input(*object, *string); the text is updated, but
    it's like if it was "added" on "top" of the other, so we have both
    the old and the new text as visual appearance.

    If I hide and show the object, the text now appears ok, but when
    I just update the input field, the old text isn't deleted. Is there
    a property I must set so that the old text is cleared from the
    screen or should I be forced to use hide/show on every text
    update ?

    Thanks in advance

    Dave Poirier

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