XForms: Strange behaviour of File Selector

From: Marien van Westen (myrnout@home.nl)
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 09:39:13 EDT

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    To all xforms users,

    I had some strange problems with running my xforms programs on the new
    Xfree86 version platform.
    My programs Siboplot and Dsp-sim both use the fselector component. These
    programs run fine on XFree86 version 3.x.x, but on a machine with Xfree I cannot double click on directory names to open directories as I
    was used to do. The strange thing was that when running Siboplot after a few
    double clicks the program responded on thos clicks, after that the behaviour
    was normal. This didn't work with the program Dsp-sim. The routines wich use
    the fselector are almost identical, so why this different behaviour?
    N.B. I tried it with different windowmanagers, because I thought it was a
    windowmanager problem, but this effect was independent of the windowmanager.

    Who can tell me more about this ?

    Marien van Westen

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