Re: XForms: problem using fl_set_xyplot_alphaxtics

Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 09:35:33 EDT

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    > Thanks for your suggestion. The version you site, 0.89.6 fixed this
    > problem. However, when we click on a button to get a menu (a form
    > menu, not a pop-up), xforms 0.89.6 doesn't like something we are
    > doing and, well, we crash. Version 0.88.1 works fine for the
    > menuing stuff, but doesn't like the fl_set_xyplot_alphatics (which
    > is solved in 0.89.6).
    > Any idea on what has changed between these versions that might
    > account for this?

    Not offhand. Did you look at the `Changes' file?

    Can you duplicate the problem with the menus in sample code?

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