Re: XForms: Two Questions

From: Jean-Marc Lasgouttes (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 12:00:53 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <> :

    >>>>> "spl" == spl <> writes:

    spl> While TC has graciously made me co-copyright holder and has
    spl> invited me to become the maintainer of the package sometime in
    spl> the future, I currently do not do the builds. The package
    spl> effectively still is under TC's control and will be until he
    spl> decides to hand the package over to me.

    spl> My druthers would be to proceed in the most expeditious manner
    spl> possible to make XForms Open Source. However, at the moment I'm
    spl> very much a minority partner in this effort.

    spl> I hope to see TC at the Visualization 2001 conference here in San
    spl> Diego in late October, at which time I will take him to some of
    spl> my favorite dining and wining establishments, get him thoroughly
    spl> looped, and then pick his pockets for the latest source. :-)

    Thanks for the clarification. This version business tend to make LyX
    users a bit fuzzy. Actually, even the developpers are not sure of what
    we are supposed to use :)

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