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Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 11:09:04 EDT

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    > And what are the chances to see 0.89.6 for all architectures soon? At
    > least tru64 is at 0.89.1, and linux/elf/glibc21 is at 0.89.5. It would
    > be much more convenient to have one recent version available for all
    > architectures (since I understand that getting a new version out is a
    > lot of work still).

    Beats the heck out of me.

    I should clarify something here.

    While TC has graciously made me co-copyright holder and has invited me
    to become the maintainer of the package sometime in the future, I
    currently do not do the builds. The package effectively still is
    under TC's control and will be until he decides to hand the package
    over to me.

    My druthers would be to proceed in the most expeditious manner
    possible to make XForms Open Source. However, at the moment I'm very
    much a minority partner in this effort.

    I hope to see TC at the Visualization 2001 conference here in San
    Diego in late October, at which time I will take him to some of my
    favorite dining and wining establishments, get him thoroughly looped,
    and then pick his pockets for the latest source. :-)

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