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From: Peter S Galbraith (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 15:43:42 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Peter S Galbraith <> :

    "T.C. Zhao" wrote:

    > I don't feel like holding off the open
    > source anymore. So in the next month, spl and I will try
    > to tidy up everything, and release the new code open source.
    > Even if we can't finish everything, we'll still release
    > it open source, and fix whatever that's not right
    > in the next release.

    Fantastic! Thanks!

    I'm sure you'll receive much support after that happens
    in the form of bug reports and fixes. Having everyone using the
    same source version will help a lot in nailing down problems.

    For me, it also means it'll finally go in Debian's main archive
    (and take Lyx along with it) and make really easy for me to get
    it built on the many architectures we support.

    I strongly encourage you to release it sooner than later, even if
    you don't call it V1.0. For example, if you released what you
    have _today_ as V0.90, then we could all use recent sources on
    all arches (e.g. sparc and m68k Linux libraries are glibc2.0
    based). :-)

    You once told me that you discussed the licensing with RMS to
    make sure it would be GPL-compatible. Can you give us a preview
    of what the license will be so that we can look for conflicts
    before they happen?

    Many, many thanks!

    Peter Galbraith
    Debian maintainer (for XForms and some XForms-based packages)

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