Re: XForms: bxforms-089: /usr/bin/ld : cannot find -ljpeg

From: gerard robin (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 19:18:56 EDT

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    On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 09:29:16AM -0400, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
    > gerard robin wrote:
    > > Hello,
    > > my problem is in the subject.
    > > I use potato 2.2r2 (Debian) and I have installed libjpeg62
    > > what I need so that xforms compile fine ?
    > >
    > > I need xforms for lyx-1.1.6 and with xforms-088 it's ok,
    > > but xforms-088 needs libc5 and while the compilation I have
    > > a lot of warnings ....?
    > I'm the Debian maintainer of the XForms packages. It sounds like
    > you are installing XForms from a tar file at
    > Why aren't you simply using the Debian package for it?
    > If you want to compile Lyx, install the libforms-dev package.
    > What Debian release are you using, and what architecture? (i386 ?)
    > > (Excuse me for my approximate english)
    > You may email me privately in french if you like.
    > Peter

    Many thanks for your reply (Peter and Augus)
    and I will aplly your advices at once.

    to Peter :-)
    I compile lyx because I use lyx since a while and I want
    be able to instal lyx myself even if it is not in the
    distribution that I use.


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