Re: XForms: Is there a timetable on xforms open source?

From: Peter S Galbraith (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 12:27:23 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Peter S Galbraith <> :

    "T.C. Zhao" wrote:

    > I am thinking about the ins and outs of various license
    > schemes. Rest assured that whatever the eventual term
    > is, it'll be true open source. My concern
    > about GPL is that it infects all derivatives
    > (maybe that's the point of GPL, but ...)
    > It's not clear (to me) the TrollTech folks did is
    > "legal" under GPL. In any case, since the great spl
    > advocates LGPL, I'll be seriously looking in it.

    Feel very free open discussing it on the new licensing list when
    you feel like it. I'm sure many of us will try to provide advice
    (and not degenerate into flame wars!).

    You could start by telling us your goals (free for closed-source
    applications or not?).

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