[XForms] BUGFIX: Tab control fixed, working secret inputs, fixed focus and resize problems, etc, etc...

Reed Riddle drriddle at qwest.net
Fri Jul 18 20:09:33 EDT 2003

On Friday, July 18, 2003, at 10:56  AM, jac at casurgica.com wrote:

> To subscribers of the xforms list
> Use GTK.

Awww, but that would be like giving up!  :)

When I started building my application, I looked at GTK.  It didn't 
look like it had a plotting element nearly as flexible as the xyplot 
that Xforms has (and I even had to add a small patch to that to do what 
I wanted).  I also could understand the callback code much better; the 
GTK interface builder put all kinds of crap in there, while it hardly 
took me any time at all to figure out Xforms.  Oh, and I had never 
built a GUI before.

It's possible that GTK is better now, and that it might be easy for me 
to switch my code over, but why go to all the trouble when what I have 
now works well enough?


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