[XForms] xforms patch

Angus Leeming angus.leeming at btopenworld.com
Fri Oct 3 07:08:26 EDT 2003

On Friday 03 October 2003 9:40 am, ddembrow at nlxcorp.com wrote:
> I have attached diff patch files for fselect.c and tabfolder.c source.

> Could a developer look at what is changed, and add it to the 
> development Xforms source?

Many thanks for this.

> The fselect_patch allows for a borderless form.  This allows the
> use of the file selector goodie in an application which uses nothing
> but fixed size/borderless forms.

The restriction does seem entirely arbitrary. I'll apply this one happily.

> The tabfolder_patch corrects the form position when usingbottom
> tab folders.  Without the patch the form selected with a bottom tab
> is place below the tab - for a full screen display the form simply
> disappears out of the viewing area.

Excellent. I'll apply this too.
Incidentally, what's your name? Adding this to the ChangeLog seems a little 
impersonal ;-)

2003-10-03  <ddembrow at nlxcorp.com>

	* lib/fselect.c: remove the arbitrary restriction on the display of
	borderless forms.

	* lib/tabfolder.c: display the tab forms correctly when using
	bottom tab folders.

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