[XForms] Looking for advice

David Strang dstrang at chartermi.net
Fri Oct 3 14:32:11 EDT 2003

I have been a original Forms user for about ten years with an SGI. The
Xforms libraries seem
to be the logical extension for Xwindows.

Though I am not new to Linux, getting Xforms to build under Linux has been
troublesome for me
and obtaining proper information even more so.

Could I get some advice on what version of Linux (Redhat x.x/Mandrake
x.x/etc.) best supports
what version of Xforms. I tried Redhat 9.0 and got all kind of errors due to
the new gcc compiler (3.2)
and Mandrake 9.0 supplied the base libraries which I installed but couldn't
get the source tools built.

How do I get a fully working Xforms environment ?

Dave Strang
dstrang at chartermi.net

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