[XForms] JPEG/EXIF support?

Clive A Stubbings xforms2 at vjet.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 18:43:41 EST 2003


> It seems that JPEG support in XForms 1.0 is only for "standard", JFIF
> format. I have plenty of JPEG/EXIF "extended" format images from digital
> camera which I'd like very much to display using XForms.
> Now, unfortunately, I'm getting messages like:
> In OpenImage [image.c 224] Guad22.jpg: Unknown image format

A long time ago I did a patch to improve some stuff in the image
handling.. It got lost in the move to 1.0

But I can read images off my camera so it may solve your problem too..

Patch is at


It probably needs massaging to work on the latest CVS. It fixes a bug in
flimage_dup() , one in image rotate, and makes jpeg + gif reading
better. These patches are applied to my 1.0 rpms too


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