[XForms] Towards xforms 1.1

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes Jean-Marc.Lasgouttes at inria.fr
Fri Nov 28 12:15:19 EST 2003

>>>>> "Angus" == Angus Leeming <angus.leeming at btopenworld.com> writes:

Angus> To subscribers of the xforms list Ok, Jean-Marc. I think that
Angus> we're getting closer, don't you? What else do you have on your
Angus> to-do list?

In no particular order:

- We've got to decide on a version number. I suggest something like
  1.0.90. The m4 code needs to be changed probably, as we seem to have
  two notions of current version in configure.ac.

- we may need to support dlls under windows (but this can maybe wait
  for next version). The key is to use AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL:

    This macro should be used if the package
    has been ported to build clean dlls on win32 platforms. Usually
    this means that any library data items are exported with
    __declspec(dllexport) and imported with __declspec(dllimport). If
    this macro is not used, libtool will assume that the package
    libraries are not dll clean and will build only static libraries
    on win32 hosts.

    This macro must be called before AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, and provision
    must be made to pass `-no-undefined' to libtool in link mode from
    the package Makefile. Naturally, if you pass `-no-undefined', you
    must ensure that all the library symbols really are defined at
    link time!

Actually, I do not know whether xforms 1.0 did build as dll for

- I still have a problem to fix for proper handling of RETSIGTYPE in
  lib/signal.c. I did not find any clear solution in other programs...
  Maybe a little bit of autoconf magic will suffice.

- we need to update README a little bit more (there is a duplicated

- besides the standard installation instructions in INSTALL, should we
  document things like --enable-demos --enable-gl and friends?


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