[XForms] xforms Window Moving Problem

Bentz, Jason jason.bentz at lmco.com
Tue Apr 19 13:40:29 EDT 2005

I'm using xforms-1.0.90 installed on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0, and
have a GUI that was designed using xforms.  The problem I'm experiencing
is when trying to move the window that the GUI is in, on the desktop.
When I click & hold on the menu bar to move the window around the
desktop, sometimes I move the mouse pointer, and the window does not
follow, or will jump to the current location of the pointer after a
couple seconds.  It's very annoying, because it's unpredictable as to
what it will do.
I started playing around with some of the demo files, so that users
would be able to confirm or deny my findings.
    One click on the menu bar (click and release) allows moving of the
window, then clicking (and release) to drop the window in it's place.
It takes about 2 seconds to respond to this first click though (the
window stays in it's current location, then jumps to the pointer
location).  Clicking and holding seems to respond the same way.
    Same as above.
    Click and hold, then drag only responds every other time.  (I.E., if
I do that procedure once, the window moves, a second time, it doesn't, a
third time it does, a forth time it doesn't.)
    Click and hold, then drag does not work at all, but if you unclick,
the window then follows the cursor.
Has anyone experienced these problems and come up with a work around for
it?  I would prefer that it respond as Windows does, in that you have to
click and hold, then drag, then release to drop the window.  When we had
this GUI working on an old DEC Alpha workstation, it behaved in this


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