[XForms] xforms on VMS

Gayle C Roth Gayle.C.Roth at nasa.gov
Mon Oct 24 09:55:27 EDT 2005


I'm using a version of xforms I built on a VMS 7.3-2 system.  The 
application I'm building necessitates the use of a hibernate/wake mechanism 
(the program I'm working with calls the VMS system service 
sys$hiber).  I've found that, at least initially, a single call to 
sys$hiber is not enough -- it takes 2 calls to sys$hiber before the program 
actually hibernates.  I further discovered that this is because xforms is 
somehow setting the "wake-pending" bit.  Does anyone have an idea why and 
where xforms is setting this bit, and how I can keep it from happening?


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