[XForms] are you still working on XForms?

jason cipriani jac4 at mindless.com
Thu Oct 27 12:04:16 EDT 2005

> I got stuck trying to resolve what I believe is a major flaw. However, I
> eventually gave up because I do't have the X11 skills to fix the problem
> correctly. Tha's a shame, because the flaw is actually just a kludge in one
> small piece of code; someone with the right skills could probably fix it in a
> day.

What is the flaw?

> Great! I think I'm going to grab your offer with both hands. My XForms days
> are very limited I'm afraid as I'm soon going to be empoyed by a company that
> actively prohibits GPL software development. OK, XForms is LGPL-licenced,
> but...
> Please set up a savannah account if you don't have one already and mail me the
> details. I'll add you to the project's list of administrators.

Honestly, I didn't expect my offer to be met with such enthusiasm ;) I have a side project that I'm working on right now which will be finished around mid-December. Once that is over with, I will set up a Savannah account and give you the details. In the mean time, I'll put together all the changes I've made. They're all relatively minor, mostly fdesign related. After this project clears up then I'll have the time to start working on XForms more actively. I'll get back to you soon.


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