[XForms] New pre-release 1.0.91pre12

Michal Szymanski msz at astrouw.edu.pl
Fri Aug 1 08:10:58 EDT 2008

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I thought that problem was already gone but no, it is still there, maybe
in a bit changed form. To remind what happens, a self-quote :)

> It seems that the library (?) is autogenerating some events 
> [...]
> As I deal with images from a mosaic CCD, my app has a group of 8 buttons
> with the same callback registered, named "cb_select_mosaic" and
> different "argument" value, from 0 to 7. When clicked, it normally
> displays file named "some_prefix.N.fts" where N is 1-8 (callback data
> argument+1).
> Now, if I run it as "image o.1.fts", everything seems OK, the image gets
> displayed and when I click mosaic buttons, it displays other files
> (o.2.fts etc.)
> When, however, I run the program as "image o.2.fts" (or any other number
> 2-8), it displays the file but immediately starts to switch between the
> given number and #1. Somehow the event gets autogenerated I added a
> debug printout to "cb_select_mosaic" procedure and it shows:
> cb_select_mosaic 0
> cb_select_mosaic 4
> cb_select_mosaic 0
> cb_select_mosaic 4

Now the above is fixed, I guess since "pre6" or so. I am getting, however,
similar behavior when I use another feature of my display app:

When it is invoked with more-than-one filename argument, clicking the
right button on the "FILE" button should display the image taken from
the next command invocation argument (without having to go through file
selector form, bound to left-click on the FLE button). It works *mostly*
fine, unless I click that button many times without waiting for the
images to be fully loaded. Then, after a few "proper" displays, the app
starts to auto-change between some (randomly chosen, but always already
read) images. This seems to be an infinite loop although it still reacts
(with some delay) to EXIT button, so the app does not completely go
astray, it just starts to get auto-generated events.

As always, this could be a bug in my app, in old days, however (I still
have those older version, compiled with "official" XForms releases), it
worked fine, no matter how quickly I repeated the mouse clicks.

Another problem which still annoys me a bit is (another self-quote):

> The same image display app
> has a few keyboard shortcuts working while inside the image canvas which
> open a new window (form) and display some data in it. I have noticed a
> strange behavior - when the new window is created, it displays its data
> OK. Then I move the mouse (still in the image canvas) and press 
> the same key again -
> it should display the data for the new image position, but it does
> not. Only when I click a mouse button or leave and enter again the image
> canvas, the key starts to work. And it works fine (displaying proper
> data for every mouse position in the canvas) until I close the window.
> When I open it again, the same situation repeats ("dead" after first
> opening, then clicking or leaving/entering the canvas, then working
> fine). This problem occurred even in the "official" releases of
> xforms in some hard-to-pinpoint combinations of Linux system version,
> X11 version and architecture. Now, with most machines on which it is
> used got upgraded to more up-to-date systems (e.g. CentOS 5.1), the
> problem seems to be persistent. It is probably not connected to 1.0.91
> but still, may mark a problem in the library.


PS. Thanks again, Jens, for your efforts in reviving and improving the 

  Michal Szymanski (msz at astrouw dot edu dot pl)
  Warsaw University Observatory, Warszawa, POLAND
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