[XForms] New pre-release 1.0.91pre12

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Sat Jul 12 17:07:08 EDT 2008

To subscribers of the xforms list


   after quite a bit of feedback - thank you to all involved! -
here's another pre-release:


  What's new?

a) Update to newer version of libtool since, as Raphael Straub, the
   maintainer of the MacPorts port of XForms, pointed out, fdesign
   didn't compile on Mac OS X anymore.

b) A bug that under some conditions led to a segmentation fault when
   freeing forms was found by Luis Balona.

c) Rob Carpenter pointed me to a bug in the calculation of the boun-
   ding box of objects could result in redraws becoming extremely

d) Some changes in the code for dealing with popups etc. for getting
   rid of some drawing artefacts that Luis Balona told me about. Un-
   fortunately, I am not sure if it works now since I can't reproduce
   the problem on my test machine...

e) Jean-Marc Lasgouttes called to my attention a problem when running
   configure that made it necessary to add config/mkinstalldirs to
   the distributed files.

f) As Luis Balona noticed selected radio buttons did not receive a
   callback call when they got clicked on which might break existing
   programs, so it was reintroduced.

g) Jason Cipriani found that there were some inconsitencies and
   problems when trying to delete menu entries and made some very
   helpful suggestions how to resolve it. This required a number
   of changes to the public API (some of the functions now accept
   an unspecified number of extra arguments, i.e. they are now
   variadic functions, in addition to the traditional arguments).
   Hopefully this will not break any existing programs. In programs
   (and fdesign) now callback functions for individual menu entries
   can be set and each menu entry can be given a certain value
   (instead of just using it's index). For a full explanation
   plese see the fike "New_Features,txt" in the main directory.

h) Rob Carpenter also reported ome problems when using more than a
   single GL canvas in a form. Unfortunately I wasn't yet able to
   determine if this is XForms or GL related - I simply don't know
   anything about GL and it also doesn't seem to work too well on
   my test machine. So if somebody has suggestions please send them!

Again thanks to everybody who send bug or suggestions. Please don't
hestitate to tell me about anything that still doesn't work!

                            Best regards, Jens
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