[XForms] New pre-release 1.0.91pre2

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Wed Mar 19 17:20:42 EDT 2008

To subscribers of the xforms list


   I couldn't keep from messing around with the XForms code
and made some more changes that concern some sensitive internals
which need extensive testing. Therefor I have made up a second
pre-release for the coming (hopefully soon;-) 1.0.91 release.
It can be downloaded friom


  The most important changes are:

a) Further cleanup of the central event handling code in
   lib/forms.c. There was quite a bit of cruft that was so
   complicated that I hadn't dared to touch it before. This
   also required changes in the handling of button, choice
   counter and slider/scrollbar objects etc. To me it looks
   now as if everythings works fine, but it wouldn't be the
   first time I would have missed rather obvious bugs...

b) Repaired a bug (probably my own) in the code for choice
   objects. Mouse wheel can now be used to walk through the
   items of a choice object without having to open the
   opup window.

c) Menus now get highlighted when the mouse is moved on top
   of them, indicating to the user that something will happen
   if s/he clicks the mouse.

   I never did like the titles on the popups of menus and
   thus added a function fl_set_menu_notitle() that takes
   two arguments, the menu object and a boolean value to
   switch the title off (when called with a non-zero value)
   or on. For FL_PUSH_MENU objects with the no_title flag
   being set his has the following consequence: they only
   get opened when the mouse button has been released and
   they appear just below the menu button, just like
   FL_PULLDOWN_MENU objects. See the left hand menu in the
   menu demo program for an example.

   There were also some inconsitency with the handler that
   may be associated with a menu is invoked: in some
   situations it was invoked only when the selected menu
   item had changed, in others when just an item had been
   selected (even the same as the one already selected.
   This has been changed to the second type of behaviour,
   i.e. the handler is called whenever a menu item has
   been selected. But I don't know if this is clever and
   if the other variant should be implemented instead...

d) Most objects now can only be used with the left mouse
   button (and some also with the mouse wheel) unless some
   special meaning is associated with the middle and right
   mouse button. In the past most objects also did react to
   the middle and right mouse button which I always found
   rather irritating and unusual. I actually once lost quite
   a bit of work since I accidentally moved the scroll wheel
   when shifting the mouse around and, thanks to Murphy's
   law, I hit the "Quit" button of the application...

e) Just for the fun of it I have reducded the default border-
   width to one pixel - but that's easy to set back to the
   traditional value of 3 or something else.

                               Have fun, Jens
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