Re: Further spec misfeatures in fdesign

Dr. T.C. Zhao (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 02:28:42 -0600

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From: (Steve Lamont)
>in the Spec setting functions of fdesign is that if you go into Test mode
>and adjust a value, that value is stored as the initial value of the object
>rather than whatever might have been set in the Spec window.

This is a bug/misfeature that will be fixed soon.

>Another minor problem I've noted is that when you copy and paste an object
>the user supplied specs do not get copied to the newly created object or

You're right, it would be nice to copy the spec field.
Since spec might also have pointers hanging off of it, fdesign
really needs to delve into the gut of the object classes to
do this. I am not sure this can be done quickly. Definately
will go on the to-do list though.
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