Getting CHARTs to Pan to the Left

Emmet Caulfield (
Fri, 09 May 1997 18:36:50 +0100

To subscribers of the xforms list from Emmet Caulfield <> :


Here's a question. I've checked the archives on the web and couldn't
find anything. If you email replies to me directly (,
I'll post a followup synopsis.


The application is required to display a number of graphs, for which
FL_BAR_CHART is ideal. Each time a new piece of data becomes
available, the new datum is added *to the right*, ``pushing'' the
remaining data to the left, causing the oldest datum to be ``pushed
out of the left''. This does not appear to be directly supported by


*If* the requirement was to have the data pushed *to the right*,
correct behaviour could be achieved with a single call, for example:

fl_insert_chart_value( chart_ptr, 1, newdatum, FL_RED);

However, because the the chart is required to "move" to the left, my
current solution is something including as many calls to
fl_replace_chart_value() as there are bars in the chart.

This appears to someone, such as myself, without an in-depth knowledge
of xforms to be a fairly heavy penalty for wanting your graphs to pan
the "wrong" (?) way. I wonder if anybody has a better solution to my
problem that they'd like to share with an fl_newbie.


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