XForms: Requests for some minor XFORMS extensions

Rob Fletcher (rpf1@york.ac.uk)
Fri, 16 May 1997 11:07:42 +0100 (BST)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Rob Fletcher <rpf1@york.ac.uk> :

Hi all (esp TC!),


Any chance of better dials? At present we are stuck with the
rather Athena-like (pah!) flat objects. It would be nice to
have 3D sculptured dials as well as a thumbwheel.


The 2D locator object could be much more useful if a background
pix{bit}map could be assigned to the backdrop!


Big one ... (and yes SPL, I share your concerns about bloat!).
Perhaps it's time for some simple and drop - well actually, all
we need it the ability to simply move an object on the form using
the mouse - the rest we can detect and program. That said though,
a complete drag and drop scheme which triggered a call back when
one object was "dropped" onto another would be nice, and probably
best done at a low internal level with XFORMS.


Biggest one ... (and OK, I too don't much like Mr. Bill!).
We probably need an NT port real soon. There are other products
appearing now which may supercede our lovely XFORMS (e.g. amulet).

Any good NT guru want to parse a .fd file, create the Windows
calls, and implement a simple event loop & callback dispatch. This
would help a fair number of folk who write quite simple GUI's using
fdesign with quite simple callback code.

Regards, Rob
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