Re: XForms: File Selector broken?

Richard Kent (
Mon, 19 May 1997 09:50:39 +0100

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> From: Philippe Steindl <>
> uhm .. did I ask something stupid? No answer till now :( I'm having a
> fileselector problem, it does not
> respond to clicks on the browser view (directory jumping, file selection
> etc). I can only manually
> type in dirs and filenames in the appropriate input fields. It's ELF
> version 0.86 on Linux.

I run ELF version 0.86 on Linux (Slackware release, 2.0.30) and have no
problems with fselector boxes. Do the demo programs which utilise fselectors
work properly ? If not I suspect that you have linked to the wrong version of
the xforms library (.a) or the wrong runtime library (.so). Make sure those
links are right :)

Hope this helps,


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