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Mon, 9 Jun 1997 09:14:22 +0100

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> That is correct. For example, I can be entering text into an input
> object and by sliding the mouse pointer off the active form, the input
> object will stop receiving key input. The input object will process
> input the moment the pointer is move back within the boundries of the
> active form. The form does not become de-selected, or at least does
> not appear to be de-selected. I do not think it is caused by the
> window manager because only Xform applications demonstrate this
> characteristic.

I think you are correct. This (extremely annnoying) behaviour appears on both
my Linux and SG xforms stuff (and is xforms specific). Even more annoying is
that the keyboard shortcuts only work if the mouse pointer is actually over the
appropriate form. For example, I have an audio sample window and bring up a
"play sample" window which I select with the mouse. However, if the mouse
pointer slides out of the "play sample" window (it is still the selected window
as far as X is concerned) the keyboard shortcuts for that page do not work.

Perhaps this behaviour should be changed - I believe it to be "incorrect" for
regular use. Basically if a form is selected the keyboard shortcuts should work
no matter where on screen the mouse pointer is (unless you have a window
auto-select type mouse setup) and similarly for the active input field on the
active form.

Comments ?


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