Re: XForms: a couple of problems with xyplot

T.C. Zhao (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 18:25:26 -0600

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On Nov 18, 4:47pm, wrote:

> 1- the linewidth option only can be used for one overlay at a time!!
> if you try to set the linewidth of an overlay to something that has
> been used for another overlay, it sets it to something else (probably
> the default)
This is bug and will be fixed.
> 2- the linewidth doesn't get reflected in the xyplot_key style, i.e. when
> you change the linewidth of an overlay, its associated key stays with
> the default linewidth.
This is done on purpose so the key box is simpler to compute.
I assumed people would distinguish different plots with either
color or linestyle, but NOT linewidth. Is the assumption wrong ?
(there is no fundamental reason why the key has to be drawn with the
same line width, I just did not see the need to anything more elaborate).
> 3- it would be nice to be able to change the color of the overlays after
> they are added
> 4- it would be EXTREMELY nice, if we could change the number of the data of
> an overlay after adding it. This would be much better than erasing and
> adding overlays after the number of data has changed.

I will consider adding a function to do this, but in all likelyhood,
it will be no too different from
fl_set_xyplot_overlay_data(ob, id, x,y,n)
fl_delete_xyplot_overlay(ob, id);
fl_add_xyplot_overlay(ob, id, x, y, n, color);
similar for overlay color.
> 5- it could be nice too to have control over the box around the _keys_
> if you remove one of the keys from the middle of the list, the box
> will be smaller than what it should be (and some of the _key_ lines will
> fall out)
I am not sure how this can happen, perhaps it has something to do
with the wrong lsize/lstyle being used in computing the key box.

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