Re: XForms: ColormapFull
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 16:56:37 +0100 (NFT)

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> # To subscribers of the xforms list from Giorgos Petasis <> :
> > today I came across the following problem :
> > In MapColor [flcolor.c 807] ColormapFull. Using substitutions
> "ColormapFull. Using substitutions" means that you have run out of available
> colors from your xserver. Probably, you are using a server having 256 colors...
> (you can check that by giving "xwininfo", clicking on the root window and
> look for depth. It should be 8...) Probably the reason is the pixmaps that
> you added in your pixmaps buttons. Be carefull, xforms predifined colors
> (arround 30...) + number of colors allocated with fl_mapcolor + number of
> different colors in all pixmaps < 256. If this sum is more than 256, then
> you will always have problems, even with private colormap.

You can overcome this problem with ppmquant (or ppmquantall) from the
ppm-package. This tool quantizes the (colors in the) pixmaps.
One can specify a number of colors that will be used for all pixmaps.
If you use these quatized pixmaps, only the above specified number
of colors (colorcells) will be allocated.

This solves the problem, that two different color cells are allocated
for two shades of a blue color for example that don't differ visibly.

> (I hope it helps :) )...

Thomas Pantzer
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