XForms: Printing and Fonts

From: James D. Stegeman (stegeman@grc.nasa.gov)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 16:06:11 EST

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    Greetings All,

    I have two questions regarding the operation of Xforms.

    1. Printing. We are developing an interactive interface for the
    plotting and manipulation of real-time data using Xforms. And one of
    the biggest requirements we get is for the ability to print what is on
    the screen. The output screen can contain multiple X-Y plots and/or
    alphanumeric values. My question is then: What is the best way to
    generate a file (postscript, hopefully) which can be saved or sent
    directly to the printer? Is there a device context in Xforms that I've
    missed which can do this? Or do I have to learn to speak postscript?

    2. Fonts. In addition to the above plotting stuff, the user has the
    ability to start this application up on numerous x-terminals. So, what
    we've done is to make the containing frame as large as possible. What
    we would like to do is have the fonts automatically be adjusted for the
    given window/screen size. Is this possible using Xforms? Also, would
    that technique follow over into window resizing? (We've got an
    algorithm which sizes the fonts by a percentage based on screen size,
    but we want to automate this for maintainence when we get new devices).

    Any help or insight is appreciated,


    Jim Stegeman


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