XForms: Problem notifying end of input.

From: Dick Middleton (dick@sqf.hp.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 04:55:39 EST

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    > As a rule I only respond to question related to programing
    > problems. Heck with the rule!

    Hey, have some fun, why not!

    > > There's no difference in concept between tab, cr and mousing somewhere else.
    > > They all change the input focus. Problem is mousing somewhere else doesn't
    > > always.

    > WRONG! Of course there is a difference. CR & TAB are line terminators.

    It's not wrong. What does mousing to another input object do if not "line

    > Moving your mouse is, well moving your mouse. Indeed I would not want
    > input fields calling their related callbacks because I moved my mouse to another
    > object.

    Why not? If you want the RETURN_END_CHANGED behaviour why would you omit it.

    > XFORMS should not do that and does not have to. Take a look at other GUI
    > kits. None operate like that.

    Perhaps they don't support the RETURN_END_CHANGED behaviour at all. I don't
    know. However Motif for example, includes all active obtects in the tab
    ring. Xforms only puts Input objects in the tab ring. This may the the
    source of what I see as an inconsistency.

    > How did you get an e-address with CHEERFUL in it???

    alta-vista email.

    > If you'd rather be soaring, your in the wrong business.

    such is life!



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