Re: XForms: Problem noifying end of input.

From: Serge B Bromow (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 20:31:33 EST

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    As a rule I only respond to question related to programing
    problems. Heck with the rule!

    Dick Middleton wrote:

    > There's no difference in concept between tab, cr and mousing somewhere else.
    > They all change the input focus. Problem is mousing somewhere else doesn't
    > always.

    WRONG! Of course there is a difference. CR & TAB are line terminators.
    Moving your mouse is, well moving your mouse. Indeed I would not want
    input fields calling their related callbacks because I moved my mouse to another
    object. If you want to validate data prior to a line terminator then use one of the
    many techniques already proposed to your problem.

    > Both "Your scheme" and the "Xforms feature" are currently available. You
    > propose to remove (or at least don't appreciate) the Xforms feature.

    NO NO NO! There is no better technique or feature. They are different and
    best suited for different purposes. You seem reluctant to accept the fact that
    Xfroms is not going to change because you cant be bothered writing the
    proper code. (call back's are not going to help you)

    > There's no amibiguity. If I click on a button then input is ended. Xforms is
    > best placed to detect the loss of input focus from the input object. It's
    > the loss of focus (not tab or cr) which determines (or should determine) end
    > of input.

    XFORMS should not do that and does not have to. Take a look at other GUI
    kits. None operate like that. If app's seem to work like that, it because they
    do not use callback's.

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    How did you get an e-address with CHEERFUL in it???
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