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Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 06:01:13 EST

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    Rouben Rostamian wrote:
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    > Dear XForms users:
    > I am seeking clarification regarding the fl_set_form_atclose() function.
    > I have an application which displays several forms simultaneously.
    > If I close one of the forms via my window manager's "Close" or
    > "Delete" buttons, I want the remaining forms to stay up and continue
    > running.
    > Fortunately, XForms provides the fl_set_form_atclose() function
    > exactly for this purpose. The manual says (p. 38 of version 0.89.5):
    > [ if fl_set_form_atclose() returns FL_OK ] the form
    > is closed, but the application does not terminate.

    It means that your close() routine has been called, really. Hence, you
    specify the meaning of 'closed' by the code you execute prior to the
    'return FL_OK'
    > What I want to know is the precise meaning of "the form is closed".
    > Does it mean the form is hidden, as in fl_hide_form(), or does it
    > mean that the form is obliterated, as in fl_free_form()?

    If, in your close() routine, you call fl_hide_form() the form is hidden,
    if you call fl_free_form(), it's deep-sixed.
    > Equivalently, if the user asks to re-display that form, is a plain
    > fl_show_form() sufficient, or do I need to recreate the form from
    > scratch?

    From the above it follows that it is dependent on what you put in your
    close() routine. XForms does not impose anything. You have full

    Hope this helps,

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