Re: XForms: cygwin and X-server

From: zaphodb (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 05:25:01 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from "zaphodb" <> :

    > I found another Xserver which is very simple to use and i get some good
    > with it.
    > Take a look to .... you can download a
    > version with 2 hour limited session..
    > Cheers
    > Yann

    Thx again Yann!

    The combination fo the starnet server and the xforms89 cygwin distribution
    fine now. Took some hacking, but I managed to get the combination working.
    The program (a vocoder for musical purposes in case I hadn't mentioned it,
    take a look at hte software section at if you
    are interested in some pictures) seems to be working all right now apart
    from one
    aspect and that
    is playing an audiofile. This is done in the source by writing blocks of
    data to /dev/dsp
    I can't hear any audio though and the program does not crash nor do I get
    some error
    message or warning that there is something wrong. Is the cygwin
    transparent enough in this aspect that I should hear something at this point
    or am I
    expecting too much of it?


    Zaphod B.

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