Re: XForms: what is the proper directory for forms.h?

From: Steve Lamont (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 10:49:00 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Steve Lamont <> :

    > This further underlines the importance of moving forms.h
    > to a standard place. The current choice, /usr/X11R6/include/forms.h,
    > is useless, because it's not in the default search path of any
    > compiler.

    My personal preference is /usr/local/include, which `gcc' searches
    automagically. This comes from experience in installing and
    maintaining XForms under SunOS, Solaris, and IRIX, where a system
    upgrade can wipe out any stuff that doesn't come with the system
    install disks. Under the GNU/Linux and *BSD systems where XForms
    comes as a standard package, the /usr/X11R6/include/X11 or
    /usr/include/X11 paths might be preferred.

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